SEO Power Hour

Level up with a 1 hour consultation

Got some questions or feeling unclear about how to structure your SEO? 

Perhaps your website is experiencing a decline in traffic and you can’t figure out why? 

A 1:1 SEO consultation is perfect for you.

What’s Included:

  • Prior research to uncover existing issues or plan a top-level strategy. 
  • 60 minute video meeting (recorded)
  • Next steps advice document
Together we’ll go over your website, I’ll answer all your burning SEO  questions and provide you with expert SEO advice on how to solve your issues!

These flexible and affordable sessions are designed to help you gain brand clarity, whether you’re a growing business or preparing for larger brand work.


$400AUD+GST ($275 USD)

Client Love

"Width and depth of SEO knowledge is admirable!"

Ming Loi,

It was great talking to you! Very valuable time.

Larissa Gasperi,

An amazing and diligent freelancer with lots of experience and always willing to help. I would highly recommend Phoebe.

Simon Roberts,

The Plan Success

Phoebe is a Sydney based freelance SEO consultant delivering high-quality SEO services to Australian, UK, NZ, USA and other global companies. From working with the UK’s top agencies and multinational companies,  Phoebe delivers the highest-quality, professional SEO services that maximise your business’ growth.